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Sleep Studies CPT codes (95810 and 95811) revalued
At the June 2010 Association of Professional Sleep Societies meeting held in San Antonio, Texas, it became apparent that federally mandated review and revaluation of CPT codes 95810 and 95811would translate to substantial reduction in reimbursement for these codes. Until fixed numbers are available, reasonable estimates project an approximate 30% decrease in reimbursement for CPT codes 95810 and 95811. The revaluation of sleep medicine codes on portable monitoring tests for obstructive sleep apnea is not clear.

Actigraphy CPT code (95803)
The 2010 First Coast Service Options (FCSO) Medicare Part B physician fee schedule list Actigraphy (CPT code 95803) as a reimbursable item. The reimbursement rate depends on your location in Florida. Location specific fee schedules may be downloaded in either PDF of text file forms from the FCSO website using the following link.