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The following is the only sleep-related prosecution noted in HHS-
OIG Semiannual Report to Congress for October - March of FY 2010 
Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers
Florida – A durable medical equipment company, Nationwide Medical, Inc. (Nationwide) agreed to pay the Government $2 million for allegedly violating the anti-kickback statute. Between September 30, 2004, and June 25, 2007, Nationwide and its President and Chief Executive Officer, allegedly entered into professional services agreements (PSA) with sleep labs and other health care providers (collectively, “sleep labs”) in multiple States. Under the PSAs, Nationwide provided continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices and associated equipment to the sleep labs and paid the sleep labs a “set-up fee” each time a sleep lab provided Nationwide’s device and equipment to a patient. Nationwide submitted claims for reimbursement to Medicare for the delivery of the CPAP device and associated equipment, as well as for the monthly rental of the CPAP device and replacement supplies.

FSMS recognized by the Florida Medical Association
On Sunday, July 26th 2009, the Florida Medical Association’s (FMA) House of Delegates voted in the affirmative to officially recognize the Florida Sleep Medicine Society.  Effectively this means that the FSMS will have a vote at the annual FMA meeting. This honor affirms the role of sleep medicine as an independent medical specialty in Florida.

1992 Florida Patient Self-Referral Act
On June 15, 2009 Senate Bill 1986, the medicaid fraud Bill that contains the amendment to the 1992 Florida Self-Referral Act, was signed into law by Governor Christ. Follow link  at end of text to download the bill and see line 2078 for the specific language of the amendment.

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